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  (di fianco a Risparmio Casa)
  16138 GENOVA
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NEW VIDEOCIAK offers a mail-order selling service and offers the opportunity to buy online video tapes that are rare not to be found, al the new VHS/DVD issues for the Italian market, imported DVD/VHS and especially all tha foreign DVD avaible with Italian avable tacks.

All good sold by NEW VIDEOCIAK aera exclusively original, total orpartial copies or recordings of VHS/DVD are strictly forbidden.

NEW VIDEOCIAK will not incur in any liability for possible delay in the date of issue of previously reserved products, if the delay is esclusively depending on producers’ responsibility.

Prices: Prices are VAT inclusive.
Discounts: These will be calculated on certain products and this will be shown on the order form; in particular on some products which have been reserved, the price can be discounted in regards to the real cost of the product once it becomes available.
Acceptance: All sales are to be considered final once NEW VIDEOCIAK has received any order. (Sales are covered by legislation D.I.GS. 50/92 which establishes applicable rules concerning purchasing contracts made outside commercial premises.
Responsibility: NEW VIDEOCIAK cannot be held responsible by the purchaser for any lost or late consignment, even a partial one, due to faulty postal services, acts of God or by chance.
Mailing: To be done by the Italian Post Office through registered delivery services.
Minimal Purchase Amount: There is no minimal purchase amount required.
Consignment: If no instructions have been given to the contrary, the vendor assumes the right to make partial consignments as long as the client is informed that this will be done.
Terms of Consignment: Whenever merchandise is available, delivery time will usually be from 5 to 7 working days, excluding the provisioning of stockrooms.  Concerning orders made for stock that has been reserved, these delivery terms will be applied to the actual date when the product has been made available.  Peremptory consignment is acceptable only if it has been expressly agreed upon.
Tolerance: For orders in quantities of more than one per article type, there may be a difference between the number ordered and the number available in the warehouse.  The buyer accepts at the time of ordering that the bill will be issued citing the actual quantity consigned.
Payment: Payment of the merchandise must take place “exclusively” either at the time of delivery, by a pre-sent postal money order, by a pre-sent credit transfer or by credit card.  If any of these last 3 possibilities is chosen, delivery will only be made once payment has be made or accredited to NEW VIDEOCIAK.  Any variations of the above-mentioned conditions of payment must be agreed upon when the order is confirmed and these instructions should be mentioned on the order form.
Billing: All bills will be issued in Euros.
Rights of return:  NEW VIDEOCIAK guarantees a total refund for products which do not satisfy the buyer.  In accordance with the Italian legal norms in vigor regarding the return of merchandise (d. lgs. N. 185/99) and without any penalty nor need to give any reason for such action, the consumer has the right to return said merchandise within 10 working days of its receipt.  This right of return is exercised by sending a written communication to the home office of the supplier within the given amount of time by registered letter and recorded delivery.  This communication may also be sent within the same timeframe by telegramme, telex or fax as long as this is confirmed by a registered letter with recorded delivery within the following 48 hours.
Referral Forum: The referral forum for any controversy will be the judge of the place of residence where the consumer lives, if this in within Italian jurisdiction.


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